Botanical Name: Cordia dodecandra A stunning, dark wood, ziricote is easy to work and can be broughtto a very smooth finish. Though difficult 5o dry, once this is achieved it is relatively stable and highly durable. Like bocote, ziricote is a Central American member of the cordias. The two woods are, in fact, quite similar, differing mainly in color.

Other Name: Cordia.

Sources: Belize, Mexico.

Characteristics: Straight grain, medium to moderately fine texture; black, gray or dark brown with black streaks. Uses: Furniture, cabinetwork, interior joinery and veneers.

Workability: Very good; little blunting of cutters. Finishing: Accepts finish well.

Weight: 45-50 Ib./cu. ft.

Подпись: 137

ZIRICOTEPrice: Expensive

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