Botanical Name: Millettia spp.

A strong, heavy, hard wood, wenge offers a familiar com­bination to the woodworker. It is difficult to work, but delightful to look at. Originating from a tree of moder­ate size, this deep brown and black wood can offer dis­tinctive veneers with characteristic light streaks of parenchyma, a tree tissue involved in food storage and consumption. For best results, wenge should be worked with very sharp cutters.

Other Names: Dikela, mibotu, African palisander. Sources: Equatorial Africa (Cameroon, Gabon, Zaire). Characteristics: Heavy, dense wood; straight grain; coaree texture; dark brown with blackish veins and sometimes streaked with fine, light brown lines.

Uses: Turning, interior and exterior joinery, cabinetmak­ing, paneling and decorative veneers.

Workability: Generally good; blunts cutting edges rapid­ly; pre-bore for nailing; poor bending properties.

Finishing: Satisfactory; must be filled for good results. Weight: 55 Ib./cu. ft.

Price: Moderate.

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