Botanical Name: Daberqa latifolia Originating in India, this fine wood is the same species as Indian rosewood and is one of the most important timbers in both of its native lands. Incredibly stable, it is especially valued for the most precise cabinetwork.

In North America, it is used both in solid form and as veneer. Because of the tree’s large size, the veneer can be cut on the true quarter, producing a striped effect. Other Names: Shisham, biti, eravidi, kalaruk (India); East Indian rosewood, Bombay rosewood.

Sources: Java and Southern India.

Characteristics: Interlocked grain; medium coarse, even texture; golden brown to dark purple-brown with almost black streaks.

Uses: Fine furniture, cabinetmaking, musical instru­ments, turning, joinery and veneers.

Workability: Difficult; dulls cutting edges severely; good bending properties; not suited to nailing. Finishing: Accepts finishes very well.

Weight: 53 !b./cu. ft.

Price: Expensive.

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