Botanical Names: Cybietax donnell-smithii, syn. Tabebuia donnell-smithii Sometimes wrongly referred to as “white mahogany,” primavera is one of the finest “blond” cabinet woods in the world. Because of the depletion of supply, however, today it is relatively hard to get. The wood is well known for its beautiful light-colored veneers. Often they are striped or have a handsome mottled figure.

Other Names: Duranga (Mexico); San Juan (Honduras); palo bianco (Guatemala); cortez, cortez bianco (El Salvador).

Source: Central America.

Characteristics: Straight to irregular grain; medium to coarse texture; yellowish-white to yellowish-brown.

Uses: Cabinet work, fine furniture and veneers. Workability: Very good; moderate bending properties. Finishing: Accepts finishes very well.

Weight: 30-3S Ib./cu. ft.

Price: Expensive.




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