Botanical Name: Swietenia macrophylla Not only one of the most valuable timbers in South and Central America, this species is also, without a doubt, one of the foremost cabinet woods in the world. While it is sometimes used in ship and boat building because of its combination of stability, durability and light weight, its primary use is in the finest furniture and reproduction work.

Other Names: Caoba, acajou; Central American, Honduras, Peruvian, Brazilian, Costa Rican, Nicaraguan mahogany etc., according to the country of origin. Sources: Central and South America.

Characteristics: Straight to interlocked grain; medium coaree texture; light reddish-brown to medium red. Uses: Fine furniture, interior paneling, moldings and join­ery, boat interiors, pianos, carving, pattern making, and a wide range of decorative veneers.

Workability: Generally good; blades must be kept sharp; moderate bending properties.

Finishing: Excellent with all finishes.

Weight: 34-40 Ib./cu. ft.

Price: Moderate.



Botanical Name: Acer eaccbarum A dense wood, hard maple’s uses often take advantage of its resistance to wear and abrasion. It is used in a wide range of construction, including bowling alleys and dance floors. Often possessing an attractive fiddleback or curly figure, this is also the maple which producer the famous bird’s-eye veneers.

Other Names: Rock maple, sugar maple, white maple (sapwood), bird’s-eye maple (if the distinguishing grain is present).

Sources: Canada, U. S.A.

Characteristics: Straight grain, occasionally curly, wavy or bird’s-eye; fine texture; heartwood is reddish brown; sapwood is white.

Uses: Turning, furniture, sports equipment, musical instruments, butcher’s blocks, flooring, plywood and veneers.

Workability: Difficult; blunts cutting edges moderately; pre-bore for nailing; good bending properties.

Finishing: Accepts finishes well.

Weight: 42 Ib./cu. ft.

Price: Inexpensive to moderate, depending on figure.

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