Botanical Name: Khaya spp.

Occurring over a vast region of that continent, African mahogany is an immense tree, capable of growing to 200 feet in height. The wood, available in a wide range of sizes, is slightly more difficult to work than its South American cousin, but the reward, in its fine appearance and stunning figures, is great.

Other Names: Khaya; Nigerian, Benin, Lagos, Ghana and Ivory Coast mahogany.

Sources: West, Central and East Africa. Characteristics: Straight to interlocked grain; moder­ately coaree texture; reddish-brown.

Uses: Cabinetmaking, joinery, furniture, boat building, plywood and veneers.

Workability: Fair, dulls cutting edges moderately; may tear, pick up, or become woolly in cutting and planing; poor bending properties.

Finishing: Accepts finishes very well.

Weight: 34-36 Ib./cu. ft.

Price: Moderate.

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