Botanical Names: CardweWia sublimis; Greviilea robusta The two botanical names given here denote two related, but separate, species; the name Iacewood is usually used for Cardwellia, while Greviilea is more often called silky-oak. Both trees are large and offer similar timbers, resembling light mahogany in color, though Iacewood has a much more striking quartersawn figure. The sawdust may cause a rash or respiratory problems for some people. Other Names: Silky-oak, selena, louro faia.

Sources: Australia, Brazil.

Characteristics: Usually straight grain with large rays; moderately coarse texture; reddish-brown.

Uses: Furniture, turning, joinery, plywood and veneers. Workability: Generally good; reduce cutting angle for planing; rays on quartersawn pieces tend to separate easily from surrounding tissue during milling or sanding; good bending properties.

Finishing: Accepts finishes well.

Weight: 54 Ib./cu. ft.

Price: Moderate.




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