Botanical Name: Dalberqia cearenela Like most rosewoods, kingwood is heavy and very attractive. Deserving of its regal name, this timber was used in the finest furniture built for Louis XIV and Louis XV of France. Today, kingwood is an endangered species that is becoming extremely scarce. The small amounts that are available find use in restoration work, fine turnings and veneers.

Other Names: Violetwood, Violetta (U.5.A.); violete (Brazil).

Source: Brazil.

Characteristics: Straight grain; fine texture; violet – brown, dark violet and black stripes against yellow to violet-brown background.

Uses: Turning and veneers for inlay and marquetry. Workability: Generally good; blunts tool and blade cutting edges moderately.

Finishing: Accepts finishes well; well suited to a natural wax finish.

Weight: 70-75 Ib./cu. ft.


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