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Botanical Name: Chlorophora excelsa Sometimes marketed as African teak, iroko compares favorably with that wood in its strength, durability and stability. In appearance, it is rather less stunning, though its broken stripe veneers are attractive for cabi­network. Not especially popular in North America, iroko logs are sometimes marred by deposits commonly called “stone,” which makes them difficult to work.

The wood’s sawdust can cause respiratory problems. Other Names: African teak, framere, intule, ireme, kam – bala, moreira, mvulu, Nigerian teak, odoum, oroko, tule. Source: Equatorial Africa.

Characteristics: Interlocked or irregular grain; coarse, even texture; light golden to dark brown.

Use: Boat building, joinery, cabinetwork, furniture (particularly outdoor), carving, plywood and veneers. Workability: Generally good; stone deposits may dull cutters moderately to severely; medium bending proper­ties; reduce blade cutting angle when planing.

Finishing: Accepts finishes very well when filled.

Weight: 40 Ib./cu. ft.

Price: Moderate. … ..


Botanical Name: Hymenaea courbaril A strong, hard wood, jatoba has shock-resistance qualities similar to ash and hickory, and is often used in tool handles and sports equipment. Although a diffi­cult wood to work, jatoba takes on a special glow when it is planed. Its bark is similar to that of paper birch and sheets of it are used in canoe-making.

Other Names: Amerelo, cuapinol, courbaril, West Indian locust (U. S.A., U. K..); locust, stinking toe (West Indies); guapinol (Central America); jutaby. jatai vermelho (Brazil); algarrobo.

Sources: Central and South America and the West Indies. Characteristics: Mostly interlocked grain; medium to coarse texture; salmon red to orange brown heartwood with dark brown streaks, darkening to reddish brown; white to pinkish sapwood.

Uses: Furniture, cabinetmaking, turning, tool handles, sporting equipment, flooring, paneling and veneers. Workability: Fair; tough to saw; interlocked grain hard to plane; poor for nailing; moderate bending properties. Finishing: Accepts stains well, but does not polish to a high-gloss finish.

Weight: 4B-56 Ib./cu. ft.

Price: Moderate.

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