John & Louise Cropper 33

John & Louise Cropper 33

Hall table and mirror

Olive ash burr veneers with masur birch were used to create an ‘aged’ effect for this piece. The details below show the use of dyed veneers for the marquetry ivy that grows across the table top and face of the frame.

Table: 860 x 910 x 410mm / 34 x 36 x 16 in. Mirror: 915 x 610mm / 36 x 24 in.

John & Louise Cropper 33

"Constant attention to detail must be applied at every stage of the process, from the very first meeting with the client to the delivery of the piece. There is no opportunity for slackness at any stage."

John & Louise Cropper 33

Gordon Russell


John & Louise Cropper 33

Although trained as a furniture maker as well as a designer Gordon Russell now spend his time solely designing, drawing his inspiration, he tells me, from the sensuality of the female form. The making facility at Detail was closed in 1996 and it is now done by carefully chosen makers in their own workshops.

Gordon’s company is aptly named because it is the constantly monitoring of the minutiae to produce the quality he wants that is all – important to him.

‘Reflections of a hoarder’

Deep cut solid bird’s eye maple. The full length mirror is pivoted and the doors become shelves in the open position.

2000 x 600mm / 79 x 24 in.

Child’s cot

Designed in homage to the Glasgow style. The shaped framework is in American cherry with blue glass.

‘Bordello chaise’

Upholstered in cherry cotton velvet. The nozzle has been gold leafed while the studs are in polished brass and the legs in steamed beech.

900 x 2200 x 900mm / 35 x 87 x 35 in.

‘Reynolds’ dining table and ‘Queens’ chairs

John & Louise Cropper 33

The table has a drop leaf and swing legs. Solid mapie, cast aluminium and blue glass. Chairs with tan leather upholstery.

1800 x 1000mm /71 x 39 in.

Dining table and chairs

Table in solid English oak with cast iron ‘shoes’ and bolt heads. Seats eight. Dining chairs are mild steel with a bronzing solution etched on the surface. Horns and feet are in oak to match the table.

2200 x 1000mm / 87 x 39 in.

John & Louise Cropper 33

‘Redwing’ table

Circular glass top with stained MDF. Shoes and nipples in aluminium.

1200mnn / 47 in. diameter

Crescent dresser

Steamed beech and nickel plated steel. The mirror is supported on twin gooseneck supports allowing full flexibility of movement.

1800 x 500mm /71 x 31 in.

Nest of cubes

Made in alpi-lignum with solid Poxwood edge details. The grain direction alternated to effect a harlequin impression around the faces.

John & Louise Cropper 33Largest cube: 600mm / 24 in.

John & Louise Cropper 33


The table is finished in a polyester resin and the ‘lily’ chairs are fully upholstered. Glass panels have been etched to echo the design of the nearby reception area.

John & Louise Cropper 33

The table: 3000 x 1100mm / 118 x 43 in. ‘

Home study with storage cabinet

Interior storage features suspension filing and adjustable shelving. The desk has hollow back legs for cable access to the management disc in the top. American white oak and cast iron.

Hall storage units

John & Louise Cropper 33

John & Louise Cropper 33

Wardrobe storage for a studio flat. All elements work individually as well as grouped together. Vavona, cast aluminium and Plue glass.

‘Slotted diner’

Tall Packed dining chair upholstered in Plack leather with solid oak frame.

Waddesdon desks

The desks have caPle management facilities along the back edge under bronze flaps. Black desk top lino with solid English oak.

6600mm / 21ft 6 in.

John & Louise Cropper 33

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