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Super Creative Innovative Inspiring Painted Kitchen and Furniture

Creative Innovative Inspiring Painted Kitchen Refrigerators 3 A marvelous revolution of kitchen decorating is coming. An awesome design by Trendir who have bring our attention to the most unique and creative painted kitchen fridge and furniture that will makeRead More

Guess!Very Creative Inspiring Sensational Eco-Green Office in a Woods

Creative Inspiring Sensational Eco-Green Office in a woods Wouldnt You just gonna love to work in this office? Isnt it great to feel working in the middle of a woods?A Spanish architect firm Selgas Cano amaze us with their spectacularly vibrant low-impact officeRead More


Where no previous records are available the proprietor must assess his own capabilities and those of his employees. Common joinery items are usually in softwood of fairly large dimensions, with no careful selection of materials and no elaborate detailing. In furniture, hardwoods require from 10 to 20 per cent more time to work, more time to cut the smaller joints, more time to finish off; and a cabinet-door only a quarter of the size of a standard softwood door might take twice as long to make. The only practical method, therefore, is to see the work as a whole and attempt an assessment of the hours required to make it in terms of one man’s working time; then to itemize the various operations, i. e...

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Costs of man-hours

The total cost of man-hours at the rates paid, plus overtime rates where applicable, plus health insurance, pensions, paid holidays, etc.

have to be considered. Here again these may be added to the hourly rate, or as percentage additions to the wage total. Strictly speaking, either method is not really accurate, for most of the charges remain the same whether a man works 40 or 60 hours a week; but the percentage addition is the simplest method.

Machine costs

The cost per running hour of each machine is arrived at in accordance with the following example:


Initial cost 400

Estimated life 20 years, depreciation

per year 40

Interest at 15 per cent per annum 60

Annual value 100 Annual cost of maintenance and repairs 30 Annual electric power consumed 40

Annual saw replacements, sharpeni...

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Appendix: Costing and estimating

Costing is the pricing of completed work taking into account not only all the direct expenses— materials, wages and insurances, fuel and power, machining costs, workshop expenses, etc.—but also a fair proportion of the indirect expenses—salaries, office expenses, rent, rates, depreciation, interest on capital, etc.— expressed as a percentage addition to the workshop cost. Estimating is the intelligent anticipation of what the total cost is likely to be, and as such must have a basis of actual costing experience. In other words good estimating is the product of sound judgment and careful appraisal of the amount of labour involved in the proposed work, in the light of past experience of other comparable work.

In costing and estimating for quantity production the work can be broken do...

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