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These rightly require a complete textbook devoted to their manipulation, and therefore only general observations are possible here. Of the three categories, water, spirit/alcohol and oil, the water stains are most troublesome to apply but penetrate fairly deeply and yield the clearest finishes; they are therefore firm favourites with the hand-worker. The old tried recipes are still viable, i. e. Vandyke brown crystals dissolved in hot water with a little 0.880 ammonia to bite into the wood and a teaspoonful of household detergent to break down surface tensions; mahogany crystals for red staining, water black aniline dye and
potassium bichromate...

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16 Fascinating Photographs of Inspiring Bright and Colorful Office Designs

If you work in an office, you must have always spent your whole day there. Spending a lot of time in a monotonous activity along with uninspiring environment might make you feel bored. In fact, offices are typically designed in cubicle shape, surrounded by monochromeRead More

Dulling methods

Contemporary finishes usually call for an egg­shell, matt or semi-matt surface in preference to a choked-grain full gloss. Most lacquers are available either as full gloss (burnishing lacquers), matt or semi-matt finishes, the matt appearance being obtained by incorporating silex powder of other additives to scatter the light. These matt finishes do, of course, cloud the wood to some degree, and in fact all dulled surfaces cannot be expected to show the clarity of a high gloss which acts as both mirror and magnifying glass. The after-dulling of gloss surfaces for an egg-shell gloss effect can also be done with finest grade steel wool, which must be skilfully applied to be effective, or with french – polishers’ pumice and petrol/gasoline...

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Minimalist Pleasant and Charming Home Office Design Idea with Energetic Atmosphere

Minimalist stylish and Cozy Home Office Design Idea with Red Color Accent There something you need to concern before deciding to built your work space. Although you are primarily creating a workroom or a home office, it’s important that you do not neglect to provideRead More

Synthetic lacquers

These include cold acid catalyst, polyurethane and polyester lacquers, all of which have greatly increased heat, water and spirit resistance, tough films and high gloss, particularly the latter which is extensively used for wireless and television cabinets as there is little if any sinkage, and the gloss is comparable with a vitriol (German) piano finish. Polyester lacquers are, however, unsuitable for small turnovers, for they require dual-feed sprays for intimate dispersal of the catalyst hardener throughout the lacquer, and the resin-dust in surfacing can be an industrial hazard if suitable precautions are not taken.

Acid catalyst lacquers

Originally phenolic resins were used, but modern formulas include urea formaldehyde, melamine and epoxy resins with alkyd plasticizers for increased ...

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French polish

This is a specialist craft and should not be attempted without proper training, for the whole secret lies in the minimum and not the maximum amount of polish applied for a full gloss, and thick coats unskilfully applied are no better than cheap varnish. It is often said that a good french-polisher is born and not made, and that not only can he equalize the colours of mixed woods but can actually make some pieces appear lighter by regulating the thickness of polish and therefore the refractive index. Commercial brands of polish incorporate various gums and synthetics for quick drying and build up...

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