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Badly warped tops can often be corrected by saw kerfing, provided the under surface is not visible in the fixed position. A series of parallel cuts are run in with the circular saw, 1/4 in (6 mm) apart and to within a full 1/8 in (3 mm) of the upper surface. The board is then Cramped/ clamped down to a level surface, and softwood wedge strips or strips of veneer glued into the

541 Seventeenth-century French marquetry cabinet under restoration at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, using Araldite epoxy resin cement. (By courtesy of CIBA [ARL] Ltd, and the Trustees of the Victoria and Albert Museum)


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Wonderful Amazing Futuristic Pot for Your Small Gardening Indoor and Outdoor

Modern Flower Pots Design Lot of small house, didnt have space for create garden in their home. Now, heres some solution for you who only have a small space for your garden in your house. These decorative pots and planters designs were perfectly indicate a contemporaryRead More

Restoration, repairs and wood finishing. Structural repairs

The repair of modern everyday furniture usually calls for cutting out and replacing broken parts, fixing false tenons or dowels to fractured joints, strengthening joints with metal straps, insets or angle pieces, renewing whole members where necessary, and in general applying normal cabinet-making skills. Valuable antique furniture repairs require expert know-how with carefully matched old wood, scraps of old saw-cut veneer, and a keen appreciation of period, colour and patina, together with considerable skills in carving, veneering, inlaying, marquetry cutting, staining, polishing and lacquering, etc...

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536 A sturdy music stand/reading lectern of rippled sycamore. Designed and made by Rod Wales

It is essential that the right materials are used for outside work, and this applies not only to the choice of wood but also to the choice of hardware and adhesives. If the appropriate materials are used, then outside furniture will give years of maintenance-free service.

Of the home-grown species oak, macrocarpa, yew, cedar of Lebanon and sweet chestnut are all ideal; similarly from the imported timbers, Burmese teak, iroko and Western red cedar are eminently suitable. They can be left with no finish whatsoever and they will mature over a period of time to a lovely silver grey...

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Simple Stylish White Wall Tiling for Spacious Looks Minimalist Bathroom Design Idea

Stylish Brilliant Modern Minimalist Bathroom Design Idea With Beautiful White Tiling Because the bathroom is always associated with the water that can seep into the bathroom wall and make the bathroom wall brittle, coating the bathroom wall with ceramic or otherRead More