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Altar-tables can take several forms. At their simplest they need be no more than a solid slab of prime wood resting on two rectangular columns of stone, brick or wood; or they could be just the very simplest of tables draped with cloth or with side curtains. Alternatively, they may be complete box forms with all four faces elaborately moulded or carved.


These are wide in section and assembled on site, using handrail screws (507:4) to connect the lengths. Figure 507:1 gives the elevation, 507:2 the plan, 507:3 a cross-section of the uprights tenoned in, and 507:4 the handrail and base rail. Sweeps are cut from the solid as the sections are usually sturdy enough to support the short grain on the curve.


510 Litany desk in brown oak with hinged kneelers designed by ...

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Beautiful Spacious Smart and Inspirative Fabulous Kid’s Room Ideas

Beautiful Sophisticated Lovely and Girly Kid's Room The decoration on this room is also brilliant because, its still showing a kids room, but the arrangement and the choosen furnitures show that the owner of this room is growing up. Very impressive room thatRead More

Church furniture


Fixed church work—pews, pulpits, stalls, chancel screens, etc.—is usually regarded as a form of highly specialized joinery-work, and as such beyond the scope of the average furniture – maker, who will be called upon to provide only the occasional piece of movable furniture— litany desks, lecterns, altar-tables, bishop’s chairs, etc. All too often the work has to match in with existing furnishings, such as Victorian Gothic, etc., heavily carved and moulded, and opportunities for imaginative work are confined to the very few new churches and church halls which are built from time to time...

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Cozy and Wonderful Home Cinema Concept with Impressive Wide Screen Projector

Great And Wonderful Home Cinema Concept With Impressive Wide Screen Projector A perfect design make this home cinema looks very charming and pleasant. Ones that make this home cinema  pleasant is the wooden accent that found at the artistic ceiling concept andRead More

Foam padding

The original and familiar latex rubber foam was first developed by the Dunlop Rubber Company in the early 1930s, and completely revolutionized upholstery techniques, to be followed later by polyester and polyether synthetic foams. Apart from differences in

performance-,-latex rubber sponge is foamed by chemical additives (originally soap solutions); therefore the cushions can be shaped or

moulded at the time of manufacture, while synthetic sponges generate their own carbon dioxide which blows the liquid, and self- foaming is generally too rapid for satisfactory moulding techniques, although recent develop­ments have overcome this disability to some extent...

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Cute Feminine And Romatic-Looking Kids Bedroom Design With Joyful Barbie Theme With Pink Splashing

Trendy Fantastic And Romantic Barbie Themed Kids Bedroom Design Idea With Cool Heart Shaped Rug Most Children in the world especially girl, love Barbie because Barbie is a doll that designed like a women that very sexy and beautiful. A Barbie also identical withRead More