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Chair construction

Traditional chairs were normally framed together with mortise and tenon joints, for dowel-pegs had to be hand-shaped and boring – bits were primitive. Modern chairs rely more on dowelling techniques, and there can be no valid objection to this providing the pegs are of sufficient length to hold the joint. The usual procedure is to make up the front and back frames first, and then connect with the side rails unless a knock-down assembly is used. All chair-work requires accurate full-size drawings from which the correct angles and bevels can be taken, and more elaborate chairs really need a full-size working model or prototype in softwood which can be tested and altered as required.

Chair joints

Top back rail joints are illustrated in 466...

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Seating and upholstery

CHAIRS General note

Chairs of compound curvature and subtle shaping require the application of special skills. and in many richly ornamented traditional examples the designer prepared his sketches, leaving it to the actual maker to choose the wood and methods of jointing. As it is difficult. if not at times impossible, to plot all the curves of an elaborate chair in two-dimensional drawings only, the final result was dependent in great measure on the skill and sensitivity of the individual craftsman, and such chairs were highly expensive to manufacture, requiring the wasteful use of heavy wood sections which were rough shaped, jointed and assembled and then sculptured and carved, using special chair – makers’ tools...

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Cute and Cheerful Sophisticated Design of Nursery Room for Your Lovely Baby

Cute Colorful Sophisticated Design of Nursery Room for Your Cute Baby Its now time for you to give the best design for your lovely baby. With the colorful, and cheerful decoration, who knows, the nursery room could be one of the greatest room in your house ifRead More

Divan headboards

As the divan base is equipped with its own stump legs a headboard only is necessary (462:6), either screwed direct to the box frame of the divan or anchored with special screw – plate assemblies (462:8) through screwed-on supports (462:7), which can be slotted to allow the headboard to be adjusted to the correct height. Continental-type headboards for double divan beds (462:10) are usually about 7 ft 9 in (236 cm) long overall, and carry drawer fittings on either side so placed that there is sufficient space to allow the bed linen to be tucked in during making...

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It Is All About Wooden Unique Classic Chair Furniture Ideas

Wooden Classic Rocking Chair Image credit: dabasformumebeles Furniture is something that people ussualy need to fill their home. Lots of shape and colours make people sometime feel confuse and dont know what to choose. But some people whose already have furnitureRead More


A typical sprung-base support bedstead with detachable bedhead and foot is shown in 462:1. Figure 462:2 shows a corner of the framework mitred and tenoned, and with glued-in plywood panel. This panel can be covered with material (grass matting, etc.) in which case the covering is glued on with a suitable adhesive (wallpaper paste, shoemakers’ paste) and glued and pinned


through the weave of the material to a suitable rebate/rabbet worked in the framework (462:3). The framework can also be caned if it is rigid enough to support the pull of the caning, which is fairly considerable over a large area. A shallow rebate is worked on the face, 1/2 in (12...

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