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Shaped mirrors

Figure 451:1, 2 shows a wall mirror with shaped head. The frame can be band-sawn out of solid

stock, jointed together as in old examples, but a better method is to laminate as in 451:3, tenoning the various sections together as 451:4, and facing with 1/8 in (3 mm) stock to cover the laminations and form the rebate/rabbet. An alternative method for small mirrors is to build up a laminated block with the double curve cut out in one piece as 451:5. The cross-grain tenons might appear weak, for the grain directions forming the lamination are not crossed as in plywood, but in practice the glue-lines hold the fibres together and the strength is adequate...

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Mirrors are usually 1/4 in (6 mm) first-quality polished plate glass silvered and protected. Frameless mirrors should have all edges ground and polished, but framed mirrors need only ground edges. Rough cut edges should not be used even in framing, for the sharp edges of the fractures will be clearly visible from the sides, and even with ground edges it is usual to matt black the frame rebates/rabbets to cut down unwanted reflections.

Framed mirrors

Frames need be of light section only, for the glass itself will keep the framework square and rigid, and the plywood back will strengthen the jointing. A typical cheval mirror glass with stand is shown in 448:1,2 with 1 in (25 mmm) by 1 in (25 mm) frame jointed as 448:9...

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Gorgeous Youth Attractive and Cool Bedroom Design for Teenager in Soft Color Ambience

cool teenage bedroom decor Attractive bedroom designs plans in this bedroom decoration will rob our attention because the whole decoration that use to filling out this bedroom space was use the simple ideas. We can see that the whole furniture that uses to fullRead More


Dressing-tables vary from around 27 in (68.5 cm) to 29 in (73.5 cm) high exclusive of mirror, or around 48 in (122 cm) high including mirror, with carcass lengths from 36 in (91 cm) to 60 in (152 cm) and an average depth of 18 in

447 Dressing table and stool by designer/craftsman Robin Nance, c.1955

(46 cm). Low dressing-tables about 21 in (53 cm) to 24 in (61 cm) high without knee room, and therefore needing low stools to match, are also popular. No hard and fast rules apply to sizes for designs change frequently. Various types are shown in 446. Figure 446:1 shows a chest type 4 ft 1O1/2 in (148...

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Elegant Exquisite Italian Office Style Design with Big Glass Walls

Dynamic Office interior with Glass Wallsfor Spacious Area look Located in Italy, this office surely had the touch of Italian Style which give elegant and comfortable look with all stylish Italian furniture . The modern sleek design reflects the impression of coolRead More

Very Stylish Impressive Lovely Adorable Bedroom by Hustla

Very Stylish Elegant Bedroom The need for a comfortable bed has become a claim of antiquity, so at this time in its development, many bed manufacturers who began to create various forms of the bed which would still provide comfort during use, because the qualityRead More

Bedroom furniture

Increasingly, clothes storage is being catered for either by permanent built-in units installed by the builder, or by KD linking wall units that arrive in flat boxes ready for DIY assembly. These often replace not only the traditional wardrobe but also the chest of drawers and dressing table as well. For this reason, and because the general public is less willing to spend the equivalent amount of money on bedroom furniture as they do on their sitting room, dining or kitchen requirements, bed­room furniture is an area less frequently undertaken by the craftsman. The exception to this is the chest of drawers, which can have a more general application than strictly bedroom use...

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