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436 Cocktail cabinet in English walnut with fluted drawer front. Designed by Ernest Joyce MSIA. Author’s workshops

matching veneers. Figure 437:6 is the detail of the taper legs with curve formed in the leg and not out of the rail which would result in a feather edge at the junction, while 437:7 shows the handworked fluting to the drawer front, and the turned knob handles which were also used for the doors. Figure 438 shows a similar fluted front being worked with round moulding-plane, guided only by carefully marked-out pencil – lines. This measure of accuracy is only possible with a plane-iron whose profile has not been distorted by careless sharpening.

Sideboards can be tall and fairly narrow or long and low, dependent on the size of the room...

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Top rail


Arm support

Drop-in seat

Furniture is constantly evolving, and has been since the Ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece, and Rome. As time has gone by, advances in technology, the discovery of new materials, and the changing fashions of each era have done much to influence the construction, shape, and ornament of the prevailing furniture forms that we are familiar with today From the mortise-and-tenon joints of the Middle Ages to complex welds of the Industrial Age, and from traditional horsehair stuffing to electrostatic flock upholstery, there have been countless changes in the way furniture is made.

Cabriole leg


Serpentine front


Ring handle

Splayed bracket foot


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THE POPULARITY OF the coffee table during the 1940s, 1950s, and, to a lesser extent, the 1960s and 1970s, meant that the large, often cumbersome dining table was left somewhat by the wayside.

During the 1980s, however, the dining table enjoyed something of a revival in elite circles. This was a decade of conspicuous consumption and an expansive, authoritative dining table served well as a status symbol. Not only did it declare that the owner had no pressing need to economize on space, it also gave the message that they were continually holding fashionable dinner parties.

Ownership of a dining table sent out much the same message in the 1990s. However, by now it was considered lacking in taste to flaunt objects of


This set of three Antonio Citterio T60 tables is produced by B&B I...

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Cocktail cabinets

Figure 436 illustrates a cocktail cabinet in English walnut, composed of carcass and separate stand with built-in shelf. Figure 437:1 shows the elevation and 437:2 the side sectional elevation. The carcass is in 3/4 in (19 mm) lamin – board with exterior veneered walnut from one wide leaf of sufficient length to yield continuous grain throughout, and interior in Nigerian pearwood, with the carcass mitre tongued and grooved at the top, and lap tongued and grooved at the bottom. Alternative methods of jointing are shown in 437:3, with 3A tongued and grooved for solid timber, 3B tongued and grooved with lap set back and an edging strip inserted for laminboard, etc., and 3C secret mitre dovetailed for solid wood or laminboard, etc...

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Beautiful Amazing and Cheerful Atmosphere Home Decoration with Colorful Stripes

Cheerful Home Decoration with Colorful Stripes If you have a new family, or you just had kids in your life, of course you want to create the atmosphere of the room is comfortable and cheerful. you can use the stripe motive use lines that will bring joy. line isRead More


Smaller living spaces combined with a focus on function by DESIGNERS LED TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF TRANSFORMABLE FURNITURE.

Teo from 2 to 3 The Siesta piece metamorphoses from a stool to a bed. The main elements of the assembled stool can be dismantled to provide a mattress and a “do not disturb sign”. Designed by Matali Crasset. 1999.

H:52cm (2014in); Diam:40cm (15%in) (dosed). MCP



This large, architectural-looking table has a heavily structured frame made from matt anodized aluminium. The trestle-type legs support a detachable, rectangular plate-glass top. The table’s colour and form give it an industrial

The severe shape of these occasional tables is similar to the sculptures made by the Minimalist artist Donald Judd.

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Exclusive Romantic Bedroom Design Concept with Supporting Lighting Set

Ethnic and Modern Bedroom Design Idea with Bright Red Wall When we say romantic bedroom design idea, most of you let your mind to imagine a bedroom with gorgeous floral design, soft girly mural, artistic lacy bedding design, and other romantic ornamental additionRead More

Construction of corner cabinets, etc

Tall cabinets can have separate top and bottom carcasses, with the sides made up of top and bottom framing rails and grooved-in plywood panel grooved into the front pilaster and back post (423:3), or solid laminboard sides grooved together (423:4). In 423:3 the back post will continue down to floor level, but 423:4 will require a stump leg added. Tops and upper carcass bottom can be framed in as 423:5, dove­tailed to the pilasters and either rebated/ rabbeted into the side rails or screwed to fixing fillets, or tenoned (423:6) and screwed from the outside; while the lower carcass bottom will have to be housed/dadoed in as 423:10 or treated as the tops (423:11)...

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The glass has been gently twisted to create a flat back.

THE 1970S WAS a decade when many designers finally relinquished their visions of a brave new world: no matter how many outlandish seating systems they devised, they realized that they could do little to alter natural human behaviour.

In the face of such a sobering realization, the four-legged chair with a seat and back made a determined comeback. From the mid 1970s onwards, designers worried less about challenging the archetypal form of a chair and concentrated instead on the chair’s more superficial appearance. The chair became regarded as a canvas for communication. “Chairs present potent declarations about their designers”, wrote the critic John Pile in 1990...

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Philippe Starck’s version of the classic desk lamp makes use of clean lines and a smooth aluminium finish. The lamp folds and pivots to direct light as needed.

H:57cm (22Угіп); D:68.5cm (27in).


Designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for Vitra, this system provides a flexible series of work stations. It has a rectangular table top and a number of movable screens that can be slotted into the table to form enclosed compartments. 2002. The dimensions vary according to the model. VIT

The Olivetti Establishment in Ivrea, Italy This large and open-plan, Rationalist-style office space was designed by Luigi Figini and Gino Pol lino.


This asymmetric, upholstered chair is part of a range of reception furniture...

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