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LEVER HOUSE RESTAURANT, NEW YORK Newson transformed the 604 square metre (6,500 square foot), subterranean, windowless restaurant at Lever House with his design. His use of hexagons and curved surfaces give the room a retro 1950s feel while the use of blonde oak and mirrored glass adds light. 2003

ORGONE LOUNGE CHAIR This lounge chair designed for Cappellini is made entirely from fibreglass and is available in a range of bright colours. It has an organic, flowing form, and stands on three tapering legs. 1992. H :50cm (192/зіп); W: 181cm (71 Уд in). В К


50 of these chairs w...

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Office desks

gives details of the purpose-made brass handles with turned stems and brazed-on plates out of 31/6 in (5 mm) brass, with the facets filed away and machine buffed. Two steel pins are drilled in either side of the screw tapped into the stem to prevent the handle turning. The final polish to the desk shown was one coat of hard lacquer steel-wooled and matt waxed. 11/8

With the exception of senior executives’ desks, which are purposely more ornate for prestige purposes, office desks are simply constructed and to a fairly standard pattern. Figure 407:1 gives a representative example with the flat side frames of 2 in (50 mm) by 11/8 in (28.5 mm) or 11/4 in (32 mm) stock, mortised and tenoned or dowelled together, with a 3/4 in (19 mm) stretcher rail stub tenoned in...

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BY THE 1970S, THE EFFORTS that the Japanese furniture industry had made to align itself with Western society (and thus benefit from selling to a thriving Western market) were reaping rewards. Indeed, so comprehensively had Japanese designers caught up with their Western counterparts that when Postmodernism emerged as a dominant trend in design, the Japanese were among its leading exponents.

In 1972, Arata Isozaki produced his Marilyn chair, a protean Postmodern design that borrowed from an unlikely spectrum of sources. The chair’s curvaceous back was based on the shapely form of Marilyn Monroe, while the overall shape was clearly derived from the chair designs of the early 20th-century Glaswegian designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh (see pp.364-65)...

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Beautiful Gorgeous and Luxurious Classic Ottoman Models with Vinyl Upholstery

Unique and Enchanting Classic Ottoman Models with Tappered Legs this fine leather ottomans from the collection of Living Room Warehouse, will bring fancy and luxury appeal to your home. For centuries, leather has known as the most expensive, exclusive and luxuryRead More


“Brazil is our great fountain of inspiration”, the Campana brothers


rolling up different materials and squeezing them into a large flexible tube. The part left uncovered forms a multicoloured seat.

H:65cm (251/2in); W:95cm (3712in).

The Corallo chair This chair, designed for Edra, has a large seat formed out of an irregular structure of hand-bent steel wire with a coral-pink epoxy paint finish. H:90cm (351/2in); W:140cm (55in); D:100cm (39‘Ain).

The Favela armchair This chair is made from many pieces of natural wood, glued and nailed together in a similar way to that in which the shacks of the favelas, or shanty towns, are built in Brazil...

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Writing desks

The writing desk in English walnut (405) was designed on a series of golden sections for a special client. The canted pedestals are attached by screwing through the bearer rails into the 11/4 in (32 mm) blockboard top, and therefore no stiffening rail is required. The main construction is in3/4 in (19 mm) veneered laminboard, with agba framing rails, etc. and walnut edgings mitred at the corners and chamfered all round (406:6). Figure 406:1 shows the elevation, 406:2 the side sectional elevation with the small pen-drawer on orthodox runners, and the other drawers with grooved sides and side runners. A deep filing – 405 Walnut writing desk with canted front

drawer is provided for foolscap hangers (see Chapter 24)...

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Brilliant Creative modern and Simple design of Coffee Tables to Bautify Your Room Space [EDITED CO-PAST]

Various Coffee Table Designs The coffee table are so important to enhance your room interior design. Mostly, lot of coffee tabled are designed with the various materials. These pictures below, are the coffee tables that created from glass. This coffee tables designRead More

Stylish Luxurious And Welcoming Interior Design of Pramerica Real Estate Office

Stylish Gorgeous And Welcoming Lobby Interior Design of Pramerica Real Estate Investors Office Pramerica is the real estate investment management business of prudential finance and this interior is Pramerica office that located in London. The wonderful advantageRead More



This chaise longue designed by Jeffrey Bernett for B&B Italia has an orange felt-covered seat and back suspended on a nickel-coated metal base. Seams around the edges of the upholstery accentuate its design. The headrest has a magnetic fixing. 2001. H:79cm (3114in); W:61cm (24in); L:161cm (63Vain). B&B

BRASH DESIGN During the early 1980s, environmental concerns seemed to slip from the United States’ agenda as a culture of conspicuous consumption was ushered in. Wall Street traders were making millions on junk bonds while consumer confidence returned with a vengeance. Against a background of such rampant demand, the bold ideas of Postmodernism once again rose to the surface. Bright, brash, and self-consciously smart, the aesthetic espoused

The glass table ...

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Coffee and occasional tables

The coffee or occasional table as an item of furniture has no parallel in past centuries in the West, although low tables, used mainly for dining purposes, have been in use for many centuries in the Far East. The low table has, therefore, no need to reflect the images of past centuries and can thus afford the designer considerable scope, and has become an item of furniture much favoured by the designer-maker and amateur alike.

As a result, in recent years the coffee table has developed for beyond being a mere surface from which to serve tea or coffee to become an important focal point in many interiors...

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