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Surfaces of double curvature (domes, etc.) cannot be developed with complete accuracy, nevertheless the method illustrated in 347 is sufficiently accurate for most practical purposes. Assuming that a hemisphere has to be developed to provide the exact shapes of the constructional ribs and of the covering veneers, first draw the elevation and divide horizontally into any number of zones A, B, C, D, E, F, etc. The outer circumference of the dome is then drawn on plan, and the zones in elevation pro­jected downwards to the corresponding circles on the plan B, C, D, E, and F. The circle on plan is then divided into any number of equal parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc., and the radii drawn in...

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This armchair has a foam base and a removable stretch fabric cover. It is raised on an ivory-coloured polyester base. Designed by Luigi Colani and distributed by Sadima, Germany. c.1970. H:69cm (27l/4in). DOR 3


This armchair has an adjustable, swivelling frame on a black-painted steel base. The foam seat is upholstered in yellow-green wool fabric. Designed by Osvaldo Borsani for Tecno, Italy. H:83cm

(3223in); W:82cm (32/in). WKA 3


This monoblock seating unit is made from polyurethane foam. It was intended for use as either a lounge chair or a sofa when more than one piece was side by side. Designed by Cini Boeri, Italy. 1967. H:60cm (232Ain). SDR 1


This plush armchair has a spring seat-support; its frame and seat cushion are uphol...

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Excellently Glamorous And Luxurious Bedroom Idea In Stylish White Theme By Fresno

Pretty Gorgeous And Glamorous White Bedroom Design With Unique Fashionable Furnishing Bed This glamorous white bedroom theme with extravagant furnishing that designed by Mobil Fresno is perfect for those who love an elegant bedroom style. From the bed models thatRead More


A cone is a pyramid with a circular base (345:1), and a vertical cut through the axis will yield a section which is a triangle, parallel to the axis a hyperbola, and parallel to one of the sides a parabola. If the cut is parallel with the base then the section will be a circle (345:2), and inclined to the base an ellipse. Of these conic sections the ellipse is of considerable importance in the setting out of oval-shaped work, gate-leg tables, etc., and although it can be drawn by hand it is more satisfactory to construct it geometrically.


Several methods are available of which the foci method (345:3) is the most common. The major axis which is to be the larger diameter of the ellipse is drawn first, and the minor axis at right angles to it...

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This rocking stool has a seat made of teak, which is supported by a chrome-plated wire shaft on a circular base. Designed by Isamu Noguchi for Knoll International, USA. H:29.5cm (1112in). SDR 1


Manufactured in the United States, each of the two stools of this three-piece set has a circular, polished-walnut seat that is fixed to a three-legged, black-enamelled metal frame.


This Italian chair has been made from a sheet of punched and moulded tin, which was then finished in red lacquer. The tapering legs terminate in rubber feet. 1963. H:76.5cm (3918in). DOR 3

The third part of the set is the matching table, which has a square, black-laminate table top that is supported on a frame similar to the chair frames...

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IN THE FIRST HALF of the 20th century, lighting design was a separate discipline to furniture design, with designers rarely straddling the boundary between the two. The post-war generation of designers, however, considered both to be branches of industrial design.

The greatest draw of lighting design was the scope for decorative expression it allowed. As Achille Castiglioni, one of the most celebrated designers of the period, put it, “the interest [in lighting design] was not so much centred on solving the problems of lighting…as on emphasizing the decorative qualities of fixtures when they are without light”. Italy led the way in post-war lighting, with companies such as O – Luce, Fontana Arte, and Stilnovo.

Initially, the preferred look was one of elegance, symmetry, and restraint...

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The various terms used in connection with circles are illustrated in 343. Arc, any part of a circumference; chord, any straight line shorter than the diameter terminated by the circumference at both ends; diameter, a chord which passes through the centre of a circle; radius, a straight line drawn from the centre of a circle to the circumference and therefore half the diameter; normal, a straight line drawn from any point on the circumference radial to the centre; tangent, a straight line touching the circumference at any one point at right angles to a normal at that point (343:1). Quadrant, a sector which is a quarter of a circle; semicircle, a segment which is a half of a circle; minor segment, part of a circle contained between a chord and its arc and less than a semicircle;

major segmen...

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THE SUDDEN SURGE IN popularity of the coffee table in the post-war years can be directly attributed to the rise of the television. The presence of a television set in a house tended to pull families away from the dining room at mealtimes and into the living room, where the coffee table proved the ideal object on which people could place their plates.

Such was the increased traffic in the living room, thanks to the TV, that the most popular style of coffee table quickly became one on which you couldn’t hurt your shins – that is, one without sharp corners...

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Parallelograms are quadrilaterals with opposite sides equal and parallel to each other, therefore the opposite angles are equal, the diagonals bisect the figures into similar triangles and also bisect each other. They are simple to construct as shown, where 341:4 is a square, 341:5 a rectangle, 341:6 a rhombus and 341:7 a rhomboid.



342 Polygons


Regular polygons—a pentagon has five sides (342:2A), a hexagon six sides (IB), a heptagon seven sides (1C), an octagon eight sides (1D), etc.—have more than four sides, the sides are equal and the angles also equal. All the corners must, therefore, lie on the circumference of the


circumscribing circle, and given the circle it is only necessary to divide the circumference into equal parts represen...

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Brighten Up Your Roof With the Collection Of Colorful Fiber Roof Design

Create an art on Your home Roof With Fiber Roof Image Credit: maharashtra.inetgiant Roof is absolutely a substantial part in a house or building. Many kinds of material can be used to make roof. Besides roof tiles, fiber roof is also a good choice especiallyRead More