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AS FURNITURE PRODUCTION steadily shifted emphasis from craft-based manufacturing to industrial methods, so the look of the chair changed dramatically. Ornament was doggedly erased from designs as structure became more important to the aesthetic look. Solid wood began to fall from favour (too expensive and inflexible) as moulded plywood and tubular steel stepped into the spotlight.

Just as the notion of open-plan space was creeping into Western architecture, so furniture was freed from fulfilling just one function. Chairs became increasingly ambiguous, with some made for indoor and outdoor use, and others equally at home in an office or dining room. Chairs became lighter, too, as they were frequently moved around the house.

With mass production in mind, designers began to concentrate their ...

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Some form of spindle-moulder/-shaper or high­speed router is almost indispensable in any trade workshop, but where such facilities do not exist or the length of moulding required hardly justifies grinding a cutter blank and setting up a machine, then hand methods must be used. Very few craftsmen now own a set of moulding – planes, nor are they freely obtainable, while the scratch stock is hardly suitable for deep mouldings. In working the moulding shown in 309:1 much of the rough work can be done by making a succession of saw cuts (309:2) and then planing off to the dotted line; or working a series of grooves (309:3) in the order stated, as a firm shoulder must be left for the plough – plane fence...

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Magnificent Fantastic Modern Design Multifunctional and Comfortable Chair Design for Your Home Accesories

Contemporary Multifunctional Chair Design Through these comfortable rocking chair designs, we will see the great combinations between both creativity and innovation. The intention of this house furniture was place on the bed seat system that comforts the userRead More


MODERNISM IN ARCHITECTURE and furniture design first emerged in Italy in 1926 under the banner of Razionalismo, or Rationalism. Most prominent among the Rationalists, all of whom espoused a functional, pared-down approach to architecture and design, was Gruppo 7, a collective that included Luigi Figini, Gino Pollini, and Giuseppe Terragni.

Mussolini’s government, whose rise to power coincided with the emergence of the Rationalists, initially embraced the nascent design style. Gruppo 7’s

advocacy of industrial progress, clean living, and moral reform appeared to fit well with the Fascists’ own ideals...

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Where veneered mouldings have to be veneered and a vacuum-bag press is not available, the traditional sandbag method can be employed. The bag should be made up out of twill or coarse linen sturdy enough to withstand pressure but supple enough to follow the curves, and filled with fine dry silver sand which has been thoroughly sieved or screened. If hide glue is used the bag must be warmed throughout to the melting temperature of the glue, or used cold for synthetic glues, carefully positioned with a generous overhang and packed down. If there is sufficient volume of sand the weight alone may be adequate, although resin glues may require a flat board laid along the length and cramped/clamped in position (307:24)...

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Throughout the 20th century, designers re-invented archetypal


The soft leather of

the seat contrasts with the hard steel frame to articulate the simplicity of the chair’s construction.

The chair’s tension comes only from the gravitational pull caused by the sitter.

Two loops of bent steel are welded together to form the chair’s frame.

The thin steel piping

makes the chair appear almost bodiless.

Butterfly chair Designed in 1938, this Knoll Associates chair has a tubular frame and leather seat. c.1950s. H:90cm (34Ш; W:80cm (31 in); D:85cm (27in). BonBay


This three-piece sectional davenport has a narrow centre section...

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The frame of this Warren McArthur single­pedestal desk is made from tubular steel. The rectangular, black-laminate top has a square shelf raised above it to the left-hand side. Below this are three drawers, also in black laminate, with circular pulls. c.1930. H:77cm (30/in); W:124.5cm (49in); D:61cm (24in). SDR

The armchair frame is made of tubular chrome. In profile, the arms and legs form a Z shape. The seat cushion and back pad are upholstered in rose-coloured brushed fabric. Designed by K. E.M. Weber for Lloyd, c.1930. H:79cm (ЗШІп). SDR

This side chair has an aluminium frame, which stands on an H-shaped base with hockey-puck feet. It is upholstered in burgundy oilcloth. Designed by Warren McArthur, c.1930...

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One of the delights of antique walnut furniture is the rich cross-grained mouldings usually found in the best work. Some 30 years ago the fashion was revived, using cross-grain veneers over a solid core; but these mouldings, known as waterfall, obviously could have no sharp arrises, and the total effect was invariably third rate. Genuine cross-grain mouldings can be worked by hand and even by spindle-moulder/ – shaper, provided the cutters are sharp and the feed-rate modest. Well-seasoned richly grained wood should be chosen; strips are then cut across the board, the ends matched up, cut square and hide glued to the edge of a waste board with a layer of thick paper between (307:23)...

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Stylish Welcoming and Cozy Modern Dining Room Design Idea for Intimacy Relaxing Dining

Stylish Gorgeous And Relaxing Modern Dining Room Design Idea With Fancy Dining Set This minimalist contemporary dining room design offers you a charming dining because this dining room is very balancing with its wooden accent and other nature accent. The diningRead More