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Mouldings and lippings/edgings

The decline in the popularity of moulded sections dates from the introduction of plywoods and machine techniques, and is a good example of new materials and their manipulation influencing design. Mouldings are, however, both decorative and utilitarian, for subtle curved surfaces catch and reflect the light giving warmth and feeling, while softened angles are less easily damaged and more comfortable to handle. Current architectural styles worship severe functional restraint, but while rich mouldings may be temporarily out of fashion, they usually survive periodic neglect.

Traditional mouldings are developed from Greek examples based on ellipses and Roman examples on circles, but the classic geometric shapes are better suited to bold architectural features, and small-scale furniture moulding...

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Anglepoise lamp This articulated lamp allows light to be directed at will. The head and base swivel, and the lamp bends and flexes to obtain different positions. This is a Tecta re-issue of George Cawardine’s original 1932 design. H:90cm (35/TEC

IN THE FIELD OF MODERN furniture design, Britain was considered more of a follower than a leader. In the late 19th century it had been home to the radical Arts and Crafts movement – which was itself of considerable influence on Modernist pioneers such as Alvar Aalto and Le Corbusier – but after this period the development of British furniture slowed down.

LITTLE PUBLIC INTEREST In the latter half of the 1920s simple, solid-wood furniture, of the sort advocated by the Arts and Crafts Movement, was still relatively hard to come by...

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Super Creative and Multifunctional Design of StudyBed the Studying Table and Bed Combination

Studybed Saving Study Table and Bed The integrated studybed designs ideas in this teen room furniture were looking suitable for those who have daughter or son that will be a teenager. We can apply this furniture and give them a comfortable space for both studyRead More

Great Minimalist Innovative Sophisticated Futuristic Kitchen Design

Sophisticated Minimalist Round Top Kitchen design This innovative ad futuristic design kitchen was made by Pedini. It always has such an impressive stylish and luxury look and unique ideas.Thanks to Pedini, the round kitchens could become thw newest trend inRead More


Hide glue, shoemakers’ paste, dextrin, casein and Cascamite One Shot glue can be used for laying leather, leathercloths and baizes, while wood glue is useful for edges. Animal and paste glues call for very quick working, while if the surface is a large one it may be necessary to glue and lay half the sheet at a time. If the ground-


work is aborbent it should be sized with weak hide glue, while casein and resin glues should be fairly thin and allowed to air dry until they have begun to tack before laying. Particular care must be taken to dust the work thoroughly with a stiff brush before spreading the glue which must be free from lumps or gritty particles, and to work the glue well into the shoulders of the inset...

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to Scandinavia the sort of hard,
industrial aesthetic that had taken root
on the rest of the European continent.
In 1930, the architect Gunnar Asplund
put on an exhibition in Stockholm
under the banner of Swedish
Functionalism that showcased an
angular style and synthetic materials,
which, understandably, shocked the
Scandinavian public. Asplund and his
fellow exhibitors, many of whom had

returned from studying
and working abroad,
were swiftly labelled
“anti-Swedish”, and the
idea of Functionalism
began to fade.

materials and undulating lines, his furniture was undeniably Modern in its brazen display of its own construction and its lack of ornament.

Another thing to note about Mathsson is that the forms of his furniture were often inspired by ergonomics – the relationship between peopl...

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Table lining

Hitherto a separate craft, the lining-in of inset leather or baize surfaces to table – and desk-tops was usually passed over to small specialist firms who also gold blocked the borders. The actual laying of the leather, etc. is now often done by the furniture-maker, with any gold border blocked in by a specialist. It should be pointed out in this connection that most leathers are now heavily dressed with synthetic resin lacquers during finishing which may or may not take the leaf or foil, and this should be established before laying.

Inset leather-tops are laid against a shoulder and flush with the surface (they can be very fractionally below but never above)...

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The cantilevered chair was a favourite of Modernist designers, although it is


The cantilever principle, whereby a structure’s load is borne by a single mounting point, was used by many Modernist furniture designers, but there has been much debate – and litigation – to try to ascertain who employed the principle first. The attraction of the cantilever for Modernist designers is obvious.

It reduces a chair’s form to the ______

minimum; it displays a one – upmanship on the age-old principle of the four-legged chair; plus, it has the visually іщ

arresting effect of making JH —

sitters appear to float on air.

The first cantilevered steel chairs were shown at a Die Wohnung exhibition in Stuttgart in —92...

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All veneers should be stored flat in a dry, even atmosphere and protected from the light. Decorative veneers, curls, feathers, etc. intended for pattern-making should be numbered with chalk (not wax crayon) in the exact order of cutting and the ends taped to prevent splitting. Repeated handling of veneers should be avoided as much as possible, for they tend to become brittle with age and the wastage caused by careless storage and handling can be greater than the wastage incurred in laying.

Moisture contents

305A Coffee-table in English yew with mosaic top designed by William Mitchell Des. RCA.

Table designed by Ernest Joyce MSIA

Moisture content at the time of laying should be the same as the groundwork/substrate, ideally in the neighbourhood of 8 per cent, but higher contents are n...

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