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Cleaning off patterned work

Complicated assemblies of different kinds of veneer or veneers with wild fluctuations in grain should be left for as long as possible under pressure. Even when released they should be kept between weighted boards whenever they are not being worked on, for it will take some time for veneers and panel to adjust themselves to the varying stresses, particularly with synthetic resin glues which delay but do not finally inhibit the absorption or evaporation of moisture in accordance with the prevailing atmospheric conditions. Thick saw-cut veneers can be levelled off with a finely adjusted smoothing-plane, and the Norris plane is admirable for this, but thin knife-cut veneers will have to be treated very much more gently with sharp scraper and abrasive paper...

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WASSILY CHAIR This chair has a bent, tubular-steel frame, leather slings for the back, seat, and armrests, and a sled base. Designed by Marcel Breuer, this lightweight chair was revolutionary in its use of industrial materials. 1925. H:72cm (281/5in); W:79cm (ЭШп); D:70cm (27>2in). SDR

NO NAME LOOMS LARGER in the history of Modern furniture than that of the Bauhaus. Founded by Walter Gropius in Weimar, Germany, in 1919 and dismantled by the Nazis in 1933, this avante-garde school for art, architecture, and design was the most important institution of the era...

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Considerable artistry is called for in the selection and matching of veneers for pattern – making, for the results can be beautiful or truly horrible, according to the skill of the operator. Modern furniture does not make use of patterned effects, although even a plain front does require careful matching of the individual leaves, therefore the techniques, as far as it is possible to describe them, should be fully understood even if the art is indefinable. One golden rule should always be observed, however, that of restraint, for a richly figured pack of veneers is an open invitation to flamboyance.

The various methods of matching veneers using two or more leaves taken in strict order from the bundle are as follows:

Balanced matched General term meaning consecutive leaves of veneer of unifo...

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Impressive Stylish Contemporary Simple Nice Livingroom

Pretty Impressive Livingroom Theres four places in a house that must be having the comfortable side besides Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom, Livingroom, yes it is. It is the first room you always enter when you go home, the soft nice tender sofas in the livingroomRead More

Unique Adorable and Fantastic Hand-Crafted Lighting Fixture with Wool Shade Material

Unique Adorable and Fantastic Hand-Crafted Floor and Pendant Lighting with Wool Material This adorable and unique table lamp was design by Ayala Serfaty from Israel in collaboration with textile artist Irit Dulman. Coming in warm and organic style, the statuesqueRead More


As a leading member of the De Stijl group, Piet Mondrian laid down many of the foundations


The De Stijl group, of which Gerrit Rietveld was a member, is probably best recognized today by the geometric paintings of Piet Mondrian. Where Rietveld, who was working in his father’s furniture workshop at the age of —2, was essentially a practical man, Mondrian was more cerebral. In —9—7, inspired by the Cubist work he had seen in France, Mondrian wrote “Abstraction as Representation of the Pure Spirit”. It was a dense, polemical text that laid the foundations for the De Stijl movement, which was started in the same year.

Although Mondrian was always clear that the “new spirit” of De Stijl should be “manifes...

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Future Modern Innovative Office Building for Minimalist Land Usage

The Modern Pyramid Building Image credit: architecture about Construction of this buildings need hard effort and best architecture design building planning to create such an futuristic building design to minimalist the usage of land that can [rovide wider spaceRead More

Inspiring and Amazing with Magical Impression Playroom Decorating Idea with Harmonious Atmosphere in Baby-Blue

Fun-Themed Kids Playroom with creative and groovy games Having a play areas for our kids at home is possible to create that, not only in our imagination. Sometimes, we are still confused how to design it. All great rooms start with a great design, a playroom isRead More


Large Composition with Red, Blue and Yellow, 1928. Oil on

canvas. Piet Mondrian. Stefan T. Edlis Collection. © 2005 Mondrian/Holzman Trust c/o HCR International, Warrenton, Virginia, USA. 1928. H:123cm (48‘Ain); W:80cm (31Ain).

Rietveld’s Red-and-Blue chair This is the three­dimensional equivalent of Mondrian’s art. Designed in 1918 mostly for visual effect, it is made from dyed pine wood and plywood. This example is by Cassina. c.1980. H:101.5cm (40in); W:53cm (20 A in); D:68.5cm (27in). BonBay

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A method of veneering curved work and forming laminated shapes which has supplanted the traditional sandbag technique, except for occasional work, is the rubber envelope which can take the place of the vacuum-bag press if necessary. Some form of vacuum extraction is
required, either a suitable vacuum pump, the intake side of a standard compressor, or the slip side of a blower motor. The household vacuum – cleaner is not suitable as a vacuum of 26 in (660 mm) of mercury must be induced. The envelopes are procurable from 4 ft (1.22 m) by 3 ft (0.91m) up to 12 ft (3.65 m) by 5 ft (1.52 m)...

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