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English two-tier table This Art Deco occasional table is constructed from chrome and laminate, and mounted on a circular walnut base.

c.1928. H:75cm (2912in); W:36cm (14%in); D:36cm (14%in). JK

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Awesome Adele’s New ?15,000/Month Mansion with Old English-style House

Adele's stunning new Surrey mansion with beautiful gardens Become a succesfull singer, its perhaps no surprise Adele wanted to upgrade from her tiny South London flat into a ?15,000 a month house in Surrey, which is valued at ?6 million.The beautiful redRead More


The cutting in of a typical till or drawer lock is shown in 265. The dimensions of the face plate are first lightly set out and gauged on the drawer top as 265:1, and the recess cut, keeping well inside the lines in case the face plate is slightly out of square. The position of the case is then marked and sawn as 265:2, and then cut out slightly full so the body of the lock can be placed in position and the face plate checked against the layout marks on the top edge. These are then corrected, recessed out, the lock offered up as 265:3 and the back plate scribed round to be recessed as 265:4...

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WHEN IT CAME TO the chair, Art Nouveau designers let their imaginations run wild. Designers from Glasgow to Nancy used the chair to illustrate and promote the Art Nouveau ideal.

Breaking free from traditional methods of design and construction, designers experimented with flowing, abstract shapes influenced by nature, and bending or elongating wood into sculptural pieces.

The curves on this piece were achieved using the bentwood technique.

The Scottish architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh left an indelible mark on Art Nouveau furniture, especially with his ground-breaking chair designs...

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Simple Stylish And Wonderful Cute Teenage Bedroom Design Idea With Nice Blue Color

Awesome Adorable And Cheerful Trendy Teenage Bedroom Design Idea With Stylish Blue Color Blue is a color of ocean that very calming and exotic so most teenager both girl or boy love this color. In order that adding blue color at your teenage bedroom decorationRead More

Perfect Combination of Natural Stone with Warm of Woods for Home Interior

Exquisite unique Natural Stone Wall Inside the Country House It is common to say that you can add natural sense at your home design idea by placing as many as natural wooden furniture, flooring, wall, and ceiling. But, it looks like boring if all elements of homeRead More

Locks and locking actions

The Victorians fitted locks to everything, even their whisky (hence the whisky tantalus), but the modern tendency is to dispense with them wherever possible, while the cheap pattern single-lever pressed-steel locks often fitted to mass-produced furniture can only be regarded as catches or securing devices, for they offer little or no protection. Thus if locks must be fitted for protection they should be the best of their respective kind.

Locks are made to require different keys by increasing the number or the position of the levers or gates which must be lifted by the key before it will shoot the dead bolt; by enlarging the diameter of the pin; and by shortening the pin socket in the key...

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These designers influenced the design of cabinets in the Art Nouveau style in Europe, especially the austere, geometric style favoured in Germany and Austria.

In contrast, French cabinets were more sensuous in their design, with Rococo and Oriental elements combined to produce asymmetrically shaped pieces, decorated with curvilinear plant, flower, and vegetable motifs. Louis Majorelle created superbly crafted cabinets of extraordinary luxury, in fine-quality woods. These pieces were often embellished with finely wrought gilt-bronze or wrought-iron mounts, or included decorative inlays of mother-of-pearl or metal.

opening, surrounded by relief carving. The piece was made by Louis Majorelle. His sinuous and fluid style, evident here, was inspired by 18th-century Rococo furniture. c.1900.


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ART NOUVEAU DESIGNERS transformed the functional table into works of art, with motifs inspired by the natural world. A table embellished with dragonflies or sculpted leaves, for example, might take on the form of a tree, with its support shaped like a trunk, and feet resembling roots.

Those working in the French and Belgian style of Art Nouveau, such as Louis Majorelle and Emile Galle, created tables with tapering, sinuous legs; serpentine-shaped tops; and carved decoration or marquetry patterns of flower blossoms, trees, or fruit. These were rendered in veneers of precious and exotic woods.

The Glasgow School led by Charles Rennie Mackintosh and other like – minded designers, including Josef Hoffmann and Koloman Moser, offered a radical contrast...

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Figure 256:8 shows a secretaire combined hinge and stay for light flaps, and 256:6 the reversible screen hinge which allows the separate wings of a screen to fold either way. With these the screen thickness must not be more than the distance between the knuckle centres, while if it is less the movement will not be affected but the wings will show a gap. A type of invisible hinge is shown in 256:7 and attaching positions in 260. In 260:1, 2 the hinge is centrally placed, while 260:3, 4 show an inset door with hinge off centre, and 260:5,6 an onset door. These hinges

are made in a range of sizes for different door thicknesses and are usually placed centrally in the door thickness, although there is some latitude as shown in 260:3, 4, and a trial assembly in waste wood may be necessary,...

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